Director İsmail Güneş: Deterioration Starts from the Eye

Director İsmail Güneş: Deterioration Starts from the Eye

Director İsmail Güneş who directed ‘The İmam’, ‘Çizme’ and ‘Ateşin Düştüğü Yer’ was the guest of Cinema Academy.

Director İsmail Güneş gave a lecture as part of SAU Cinema Academy and stated that cinema was treated like a step-child in Turkey. He said that he has the idea of “A person deteriorates through the eye and betterment also starts from the eye.”

Güneş reminded that the number of movie tickets sold in France annually is 350 million while it is 25 million in Turkey. He complained that good movies and directors which are awarded in abroad do not draw interest in our country. He emphasized that good movies are not placed in the media and these should be supported by conscious audiences.

Successful director said “In 1970s, Turkish movie was released in a week. However, these were not the movies dealing with the country problems. Movies of Halit Refiğ, Metin Erksan, Ömer Lütfi Akad were not preferred to be aired on TV.” He added “A sociologist who tries to understand the Turkish society from current TV series 100 years later will probably think that only problem in Turkey is man-woman relationships.”

17/04/2014 – EH/Press Office

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