Yasin Aktay in SAU

13 Mayıs 2014

Prof. Dr. Yasin Aktay, Vice Chairman of Ak Party Foreign Affairs, attended the panel titled “The Reasons and the Results of the Chaos in Islamic World” organized by Sakarya University Department of Sociology.

Before the event, Prof. Dr. Yasin Aktay visited President of Sakarya University Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas. In the panel Aktay talked about the problems of Islamic region. Aktay stated that 27 different countries were founded on the lands of Ottoman Empire.

Aktay stated that in most of Islamic countries elites who are against publics will dominate the states. He said that social movements in Islamic region model Turkey and ask for democracy. He added that Western World wants “enough democracy” for Islamic world.

May 13, 2014 – Press Office

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13 Mayıs 2014 - 15:03