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The first class of the 2018-2019 Academic Year in Sakarya University starts at 24 September. Congratulating the newly enrolled students, University Rector Prof. Prof Dr. Fatih Savaşan says “I welcome you all. You will spend the most dynamic years of your life here and these years will determine the quality of your future.”

Rector Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan wishes all SAU students success in the new academic year Prof Dr. Sakarya University and the opportunities Sakarya University offered to students will accompany them for a lifetime, he adds. Stating that being a member of Sakarya University is a privilege, Prof. Prof Dr. Fatih Savaşan, says “You will see Sakarya, integrated with the University, is welcoming you. You will hear it whispering Turkey’s wisdom to your ears. From city to the campus, you will climb to the top. You will realize the secrets of staying at the summit for yourself and your country for the rest of your life.”

Be diligent

Rector Savaşan stated that he is doing all he can to offer the best education, research and socialization opportunities to the students of Sakarya University and added: “Your feet will be on this land, you will get power from here. But your perspective will be clear. You should have a sense of reality, but you will also have your dreams and goals. You will improve every second. While you should feel grateful for the opportunities your country has provided you in scarcity, you will build the infrastructure of creating more added value every day. While you are being thankful for the progress you have made, you will always try harder to think about the progress you should make.

You are our special guests. Preparing you for life firstly starts with giving the value you deserve. Each one of you is valuable to us. It is our duty to make you feel precious even when you are on the way to the campus. Sakarya University is responsible for providing you with quality education in your field. It will use every means available to fulfil its responsibility. We have the responsibility to equip you with knowledge, the ability to process and analyse information, and the ability to produce new knowledge. We will fulfil our responsibilities.”

You should have goals and dreams

Emphasizing that having a dream is a requirement of being a university student, Rector Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan pointed out that the students should have a goal and be able to pursue their dreams. Rector Savaşan, “Being a good person shall be your fist goal. Be a good engineer, a good physician, a good economist, a good historian. Scan the horizon. Say the unsaid, do the things that aren’t done, invent the things that aren’t invented. Know that if someone is a successful politician, the other is a successful scientist, another is a successful bureaucrat, you can also succeed.” he said.

Suggesting that students should trust themselves, the Rector of Sakarya University Prof Dr. Fatih Savaşan continued his words as follows: Know that being a good student is more than succeeding in lessons. A university student should develop himself/herself in at least one sport or art field, should participate in social activities, should participate in one or several non-governmental organizations.

Prioritize your lessons, but don’t get lost in them. Time management is everything. When it is well managed, you will see how abundant the time is. You will love Sakarya and Sakarya University. We, as your teachers will always be with you. We will spend time together. You will see that this city and the university have a spirit. That’s why when you talk about this city and university in the future, you will feel like it is a friend, a lover. I hope that every moment will be fruitful and you will look forward to come here. We will try to realize this wish here.”

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