Mesut Uçakan in SAU Cinema Academy

28 Nisan 2014

Director Mesut Uçakan was the guest lecturer in Sakarya University Cinema Academy coordinated by writer Yusuf Kaplan last week.

Evaluating cinema adventure in Turkey, famous director rejected the expressions used for himself like “National Film Maker” and “White Film Maker.”

Uçakan said “I just want to transfer what I believe to the cinema” and stated that he experienced many difficulties for this reason.

Mesut Uçakan emphasized that he had difficulty in finding sponsor after February 28 period. He said “In a festival, friends in the jury said that they could not award a prize since I was dedicated to our values.”

In SAU Cinema Academy, conferences with experts from the field are held each week until end of the term.

28/04/2014 – Press Office

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