Medical Congress Successfully Completed

29 Nisan 2014

Organized by Sakarya University (SAU) Faculty of Medicine, the 1st National Medical Congress themed “Future of Medicine” was successfully completed.

The congress was held on 25-27 April, 2014 and presentations on some core subjects like “obesity”, “diabetes”, “heart diseases”, “infectious diseases”, “psychiatry”, “paediatrics”, “stem cell” and “surgery” were given.

Many lecturers and students from various universities of Turkey attended SAU 1st National Medical Congress. Prof. Dr. Ramazan Akdemir, Dean of SAU Faculty of Medicine, evaluated the organization and stated that the organization was coordinated by students and it was pleasing. Dean Aydemir stated that they were proud of appreciation of guest lecturers since they successfully organized such a nice congress despite being newly established. He stated that they started to think about the organizations to be held in the future.

28/04/2014 – Press Office

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