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IPRA Elects New Secretaries general

IPRA Elects New Secretaries general

Members of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) meeting at the organization’s 2012 biennial conference Ise city Japan between November 24 and 28 unanimously elected Dr. Nesrin Kenar of Sakarya University in Turkey and Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw of Northumbria University in the UK as new Secretaries General.  Accepting the challenge, the two new IPRA heads told members of the organization’s Governing Council that they are committed to build on the good work of the outgoing Secretaries General Professors Katsuya Kodama and Jake Lynch of Mie (Japan) and Sydney (Australia) universities, respectively, in putting IPRA once again on the map of international peace research.  They pledged to leave a legacy that would go beyond organizing the next two biennial conferences scheduled to take place in Turkey (2014) and Sierra Leone (2016) to expanding the organization’s activities into the areas of peace research projects and consultancies that would benefit its members and boost the long term sustainability of the organization.

“Contribute to sustainable resolution”

Dr. Kenar, who will assume special responsibility for Commissions and Fundraising Projects said: “I am delighted that the 2014 IPRA conference will be taking place in my country Turkey since the country’s unique geographical position on the edge of Europe, the Middle East and the Gulf states will play a vital role in reinvigorating peace research in all these regions, and by extension contribute to providing sustainable platforms for conflict prevention and resolution.”

“Sustainable peace in post conflict countries”

Dr. Shaw, who for his part will assume special responsibility for Strategic Planning and Research Projects  had this to say: “I am really excited about this new challenge not only  because of  my going down in history as the first African peace research scholar to be elected to this position since the founding of the association some 48 years ago but also, and perhaps more importantly, holding the 2016 IPRA conference in my country Sierra Leone is set to provide the rare opportunity for the organization to respond to criticisms of its often top-down approach in addressing challenges of sustainable peace in post conflict countries as this conference will explore grassroots  bottom-up approaches  reflecting the concerns and challenges of those who are trying to cope with and manage those challenges”

New Secretaries General Dr. Nesrin Kenar ve Dr. İbrahim Shaw are together with Prof. Dr. Katsuya Kodama, Japan (2000-2004, 2010-2012 IPRA Secretary General) and Prof. Dr. Luc Reychler , Belgium (2004 -2008  IPRA Secretary General)

Who is Dr. Nesrin Kenar?

Dr. Nesrin Kenar is currently an assistant professor in the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Sakarya University, Turkey.  Dr. Kenar has contributed to important topics related to Globalization, Religion and Politics, Ethnic Conflicts, Yugoslavia Conflicts, Bosnia-Herzegovina Civil War, International and Foreign Policy Strategies of States. She is Institutional Coordinator of European Union projects in Sakarya University. She was President of European Peace Research Association from 2008 to 2012, as well as a member of the editorial board of Global Peace International Journal. She is the author of “The National and International Dimensions of Yugoslavia Question” book in 2005. Dr. Kenar has published several international and national articles and book chapter on international relations, foreign policy, and peace and conflict studies. She holds a PhD from Marmara University, Institute of Social Science Department of International Relations, İstanbul, Turkey on “The National and International Dimensions of the Yugoslavia Crisis”. Dr. Kenar organized a lot of international and national conference in academic field.

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