Internal Evaluation Process Finished

14 Aralık 2012

“Internal Evaluation Process” has finished with a performance evaluation meeting.

Rector of SAU Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yalçın, Rector’s Advisor Prof. Dr. Aytekin İşman and faculty members from abroad attended the meeting. The reflections of the decisions made by SAU for enhancing the educational activities on the educational units were identified in the meeting.

Prof. Dr. Deborah E. Bordeleon and Prof. Dr. Colleen M. Sexton from the USA Governors State University guided the lecturers during the study with the aim of making contributions to the internal evaluation process.

In the first meeting, the teams were organized to make interviews in faculties and departments. The teams visited the faculties and the departments, and had interview with administrators of the faculties and head of the departments. Then, they had interviews with the lecturers and the students.

The strengths and weaknesses of SAU were tried to be identified in these visits in which Prof. Dr. Aytekin İşman and American guest lecturers took place.

Prof. Dr. Colleen M. Sexton stated that Educational Information System (EBS) is a highly useful system to raise awareness of the students. He conveyed that both lecturers and the students are very dynamic. He said “As an observer attending the internal evaluation process of the university, I think that these factors are really effective in development of the university.”

Rector Elmas expressed his thanks to the lecturers taking part in evaluation teams and the guest lecturers coming from the USA at the end of the meeting.


12/12/2012 – Press Office

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