From ‘Devrim’ to ‘Evrim’

From ‘Devrim’ to ‘Evrim’

Sakarya University Advanced Technologies Application Community (SAITEM) took first place in Turkey and the seventh place in Europe, with the new vehicle “Evrim 2”

Evrim 2, the new vehicle of SAITEM took the seventh place in Shell-Eco Marathon Europe which is organized in Rotterdam, the capital city of Netherland, on May, 15-19. Evrim held the first place in Turkey with this degree.

Volkan Çetin, Head of SAITEM, stated that they were inspired by “Devrim”, Turkey’s first domestic car. He added that they want to realize their dreams for domestic car which started with “Devrim”, through “Evrim 2”. The aim of Shell Eco Marathon in which the vehicles, designed as a person can transport alone, compete is to complete 16 kilometre raceway by consuming the least fuel.

SAITEM Team gained the third place in Shell Eco Marathon Europe two times and attended the competition with “Evrim” which works by electricity instead of the vehicle which works by hydrogen last year. This year, SAITEM Team did not face any problem in the competition and achieved the seventh place in Europe and the first place in Turkey although they have a limited budget for the project.

13 teams took part in the competition and SAITEM achieved the best degree among other Turkish teams by covering 139.03 kilometres using electricity of 23 kurus. Volkan Çetin said “The engine was designed and Evrim 2 was produced by us” and he added that the process of vehicle design and production was conducted by SAU students. He stated that the project of “carbon fiber wheels” is the first in Turkey and some teams and factory owners in Europe offered to buy it.

Çetin stated that they designed and produced “Evrim 2” in a short time as a year and said “Our goal is to be the first in the marathon which is planned to be in Netherland in 2014 and in Turkey in 2015. For this reason, we will apply “carbon fiber wheels” project to the new vehicle and the studies on engine will continue.”

SAITEM Team visited Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, Rector of Sakarya University, in his office. Rector Elmas congratulated the team and promised to do everything needed for the team to be the winner in the first place.

30/05/2013 – Press Office

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