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27 Aralık 2012

The Workshop of “Monitoring Education in Sakarya”, organized by SAU Faculty of Education, was held in Hendek.

The findings of the “Study of Monitoring Education in Sakarya” which was conducted to identify the pre-university education were presented in the workshop. The research results and suggestions were shared with public. Sakarya Governor Mustafa Büyük, Rector Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Education Merdan Tufan, Hendek District Governor Mustafa Ayhan, a great number of academicians, school principals and teachers attended the workshop.

Governor Mustafa Büyük said “We struggle for doing researches related to education. I am aware that we are trying to enhance the conditions and quality of education; however, the results do not show the expected situation. For this reason, this issue should be investigated by objective sides and suggestions should be presented in accordance with this investigation.”

Changing the mentality

Rector Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas said “Provide qualification and perfection. It means that we need to make the individuals know the world. They should open their horizons, be up-to-date and autonomous. We have been studying on helping them to have these abilities.” Rector Elmas stated that the most important problem in innovative projects related to education is the mentality. He said “The main problem here is that if the faculty member cannot change the mentality, a chance of success is very limited.

Organizing Workshop Every Year

Rector Elmas underlined that it is no need to be afraid of this kind of research since the assessment is required for improvement. Stating this study is a kind of photograph of the education in Sakarya, Elmas said “We can move forward if we continue to imply this process every year adding current researches for enhancing qualifications of the teachers in the region.”

Expecting Similar Workshops in All Education Faculties

Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Education Merdan Tufan said “Education starts in the joining point of student, program and teacher. This is a perfect study in Sakarya to indicate analyses, evaluations and assessments of the activities in schools which are the joining points of three basic factors.” He stated that they expect this kind of research from all cities including Faculty of Education.

In 3 different sessions, the faculty members presented their research results. After the publication of the book consisting of the researches, everybody will be able to reach the information about the investigation.

20/12/2012 –  Press Office

Transl: YK

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