Economic and Political Potential of Black Sea

Economic and Political Potential of Black Sea

International Congress on “Blue” Black Sea has started.

‘International Congress on Blue Black Sea’ started in SAU Culture and Congress Center with the participation of many academicians from Europe, Russia and neighboring countries of Black Sea.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Balcı from Sakarya University was the opening panel chairman in the congress. The speakers, Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Koch from Siegen University in German, Prof. Dr. Gerd Morgenthaler and Prof. Dr. Raphaela Averkorn, explained the relations of Europe Union with Black Sea countries.

EU Relations with Neighboring Countries

Giving information about the historical process of European countries in their union, Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Koch separated the regions neighboring to Black Sea into three. Koch listed these regions as Turkey, Europe Union and other neighboring countries and underlined that these regions are mutually dependent and a region cannot be alternative for any other one.

Prof. Dr. Gerd Morgenthaler gave some explanations about EU Neighboring policy and EU relationships with Black Sea countries. He said that EU relations with the neighbors work regarding some conditions and EU develops policy according to the neighbor relations, EU values, reforms and incentives.

Morgenthaler expressed that until now there are essential improvements in relations between EU and the neighbors, but it does not reach the desirable level. He said that it is necessary for EU to have long-term objectives in relations with the neighbors and patience is needed for an exact integration since some values take time to be settled.

The Golden Age of Black Sea

Emphasizing the economic importance of Black Sea for the centuries, Prof. Dr. Raphaela Averkorn stated that there was a trade between Europe and Black Sea for ages due to trading cities founded by Genoese in Black Sea. He said that after the conquest of İstanbul by Ottoman Empire, Black Sea lost his trading facility, but the age of Black Sea restarted in trade in 1853 owing to European countries which were alliances of Ottomans against Russia.

32 academicians from different countries will have presentations about economic and political significance of Black Sea. The participants will have a short trip to Taraklı, historical district of Sakarya, on the final day of the congress.

15/10/2012 – AB

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