Discussion on Higher Education

Discussion on Higher Education

New education methods applied in higher education in Turkey and the world were discussed at ‘Workshop of New Approaches in Higher Education’ organized in Sakarya University.

At the workshop problems encountered in higher education and possible solutions were discussed. YÖK member of executive board Prof. Dr. Durmuş Günay, Rector of SAU Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, Rector of Hakkari University Prof. Dr. İbrahim Belenli, Vice President of ÖSYM Prof. Dr. Ercan Öztemel and many academicians from other universities attended the workshop.

We establish an education system regarding current changes in the world

Stating SAU is a kind of university integrating new education methods into its own system, Rector Elmas said “Our University is approved with the awards that it is a successful institution in founding a system regarding current changes in higher education in the world. We have success in both quality and education planning system.”

Despite developing an excellent system, Elmas mentioned that there are some problems in reflecting this success to the graduating students. He said “We discuss for trying to solve some handicaps and we have organized this workshop to acquire contributions of you.”

Effective Meeting

Elmas said “This will be an effective meeting since our main discussion topics include technology, current changes and learning-teaching methods.”

Transparency in University Administration

Elmas talked about developments in education system of Sakarya University and continued “We created a project that makes transparent the system. It is a step that makes easier the system from aspect of quality management. In order to provide a student-centered education, we reduced the number of courses and gave importance to seminars, group works and presentations.”

Higher Education System of Turkey

YÖK member of executive board Prof. Dr. Durmuş Günay defined that higher education problems have been discussed since Ottoman Period and many systems have been tried. He emphasized despite lots of criticisms, YÖK has been the system existing so long. He said “Each solution has advantages and disadvantages. Even if you find the best solution, there will be drawbacks of it.”

Freedom in Universities

Günay stated that we can understand if there is freedom in the university or not with freedom of speech. If an academician isn’t afraid of expressing his ideas, it means that there is freedom in that environment.

Systems are easy but applying them is important

Vice President of ÖSYM Prof. Dr. Ercan Öztemel stated “Establishing systems is easy but application process is difficult” and referred to the problems in application. He said “State universities in Turkey are required to carry out their own development models and create their own source and opportunities.”

A New Model

Öztemel expressed a new model in university education should be constructed and added “This model needs to have essential foundations. Firstly we should decide these foundations and then fill in the each part.”

After opening remarks, Prof. Dr. Harun Taşkın, Assist. Prof. Dr. Tuba Canvar Kahveci and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atilla Arıkan from ITU gave presentation titled ‘New Approaches in Higher Education.’

In other sessions of Learning Outcomes and Technology in Education, SAU lecturers Prof. Dr. Orhan Torkul, Assist. Prof. Dr. Neşe Güler, Dr. Elif Dülger, Prof. Dr. Aytekin İşman, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Turan shared their views through presentations. The workshop ended with a panel including discussion part.

June 30, 2012, AB

Transl.: YK


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