Bio-diversity in Akyazı Forests

Bio-diversity in Akyazı Forests

Bio-diversity was detected in forests of Akyazı with photo trap studies carried out by Biology Department of Sakarya University.

A study was carried out with the purpose of defining animal types in Sakarya, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Benan Dinçtürk Botofte, Head of Department of Biology in SAU, and General Directorate of Nation Conservation and National Parks.

In the study, with participation of a specialist and six undergraduate students, photos of some unknown types of animals were taken.

Prof. Dr. Benan Dinçtürk Botofte stated Sakarya has an undamaged nature although it is one of the most important industrial regions in Turkey and said “I believe that Sakarya University Biology Department has a big responsibility in definition of bio-diversity in the region and protection of it.”

“Unfortunately it is not known which types of carnivore or herbivore live in Sakarya. The fact that red deer lives in Sakarya revealed with a car accident in which a car crashed a red deer on E-5 highway in April 2012. In this preliminary examination, we showed a wild cat through 4 photo trap studies. Moreover, we took photos of other types like weasel, fox and boar. We are expecting the results of new studies with an excitement.”

July 09, 2012, YC

Transl.: YK

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