Aid Campaign for Soma

20 Mayıs 2014

Disaster in Soma has saddened us deeply. Coal mining in Turkey has created some problems for years. Coal mine accident in Soma will leave its marks and be a turning point in this field. I believe that responsible officers will deal with the issue. Conducting research meticulously is our hope.

It is pleasure to see the social sensitivity from our people, university members and especially our students. I thank our students for this sensitivity and suggestions. As a result of this,

We are planning to do these at first;

Spring Festival which is planned to be held on May 26-29, 2014 and all performances included in festival are cancelled.

Acting on suggestions of our students and staff, we start an aid campaign for relieving miners’ relative’s pain even if just a bit. I take part in the campaign donating my salary of this month.

In addition, we will send a group of instructors and students from Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine, Sociology and Social Work Departments to Soma in order to give support.

As Sakarya University, we feel deep sadness. We give miners’ relatives our condolences and God rest all miners. We wish injured miners a quick recovery.

Those who want to make donation can put money into a bank account of SAU Directorate of Health, Culture and Sport Ziraat Bank.

Account No: 1946-29515975-5192
IBAN No: TR300001001946295159755192
Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas
President of Sakarya University



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