Academic General Meeting

Academic General Meeting

Sakarya University Academic General Meeting was held on Thursday, July 19 at SAU Culture and Congress Center.

New lesson plans of Sakarya University, summer school and academic calendar were discussed at the meeting.

A Model University

Rector Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas stated in his opening speech that the university is cited as model. He indicated the education process is continuously updated and said “We have an education system that becomes easier each year. We lead the field about this system.”

We’ve achieved our aim

Rector Elmas said “We’ve achieved our aim in change of lesson plans. I express my thanks to all of you for carrying out a successful change. This success is our success. Our aim is to provide education and facilities that encourage the students to be expert in their field, autonomous learner, open-minded to new ideas, eager to take responsibility, effective communicator, capable of critical and creative thinking, able to perform team work and have problem solving skills, motivated in interdisciplinary studies, entrepreneur and leader, and competent at information technologies through this system.

Summer School is a kind of sacrifice

Rector Elmas said “Most of universities cannot offer summer school. It is an education taking part during hot summer days. From now on, we will decide about summer school with suggestions of you. You will decide and we will apply it.”

We Encourage Scientific Researches

“We provide an immense support for scientific researches. We offer some opportunities for projects, papers, conferences abroad, language support and software” Muzaffer Elmas said.

Stating the increase of support numbers, Rector Elmas continued “There is an increase in numbers of supports for an abroad experience. Last year, we sent 8 faculty members abroad. In the first six months of this year, we have sent 27 faculty members abroad.”

After speech of Rector Elmas, Rector and Vice Rectors answered the questions of faculty members and listened to their suggestions.

July 20, 2012, YC

Transl.: YK

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