3500 International Students Prefer to Study in SAU

3500 International Students Prefer to Study in SAU

3500 international students make application for 2013-2014 Academic Year Foreign Student Admission

Sakarya University (SAU) which has number of foreign students more than total number of students in many private universities, hosts international students from different regions and countries. SAU, including 813 foreign students studying currently and 992 foreign students who will study this year, is a kind of World University and provides international education.

From Mauritania to Canada

3500 foreign student applications were made on www.int.sakarya.edu.tr address and 1662 students were placed in Sakarya University. 670 placements from Turkmenistan and 286 placements from Azerbaijan were done. 134 foreign national students who live in Turkey were accepted to the university. Other placements are in the following: 89 students coming from Bulgaria, 83 students from Syria, 60 students from Germany, 51 students from Kyrgyzstan, 45 students from Afghanistan, 33 students from Greece, 24 students from Palestine, 22 students from Indonesia, 21 students from Tajikistan, 14 students from Uzbekistan, 13 students from Kazakhstan, 11 students from Bosna-Herzegovina, 9 students from Iran, 8 students from Mongolia and Russia, 7 students from Iraq and Morocco, 6 students from Kosovo, 5 students from China, Egypt and Jordan, 4 students from Kenya, Holland, Switzerland and Yemen, 3 students from Austria, Serbia and Montenegro, 2 students from Albania, Belgium, France, Macedonia, Pakistan and the United States of America, 1 student from Canada, Denmark, Georgia, Israel, Malaysia, Mauritania, Moldova, Nigeria, Surinam, Thailand, Tunisia and the Ukraine.

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