The DETICE Project ended

The DETICE Project ended

EU Erasmus Intensive Programme Project “The Development of Entrepreneurship Through Interactive Encouragement of Creativity in Education (DETICE)” ended.EU Erasmus Intensive Programme Project ‘DETICE’ Project which was held in coordination with Sakarya University was carried out in the SAU Congress Center between the date of 19 January and 1 February 2014. Totally 85 academicians and students from 8 EU countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania and Spain) participated in the project. The project was coordinated by the academicians of Sakarya University Faculty of Education of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman Titrek and also Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayrakcı, Res. Assist. Demet Zafer Güneş, Res. Assist. Gözde Sezen and Res. Assist. Murat Topal took charge in the project.

Benefiting from educational and didactic approaches, some academic presentations and workshops were mainly included for the studentswho participated in the DETICE Project. In the context of this project, Adapazarı Şahin Okulları and Adapazarı Doğa Koleji were visited so as to learn the activities for developing students’ creativity and entrepreneurial skills in schools.

The lectures and workshops continued in the second week of the project. Showing tile construction so as to learn how to perform tile art which is one of the creativity samples in Turkish culture in the İznik Tile Association, some information about tile construction were given to the students coming from EU member states. After watching the tile artists’ performance, the students had to a chance to make a tile.

The DETICE Project ended in great success with an evaluation meeting and a certificate ceremony on January 31. Totally 85 professors and students participating in the project extended their sincere thanks to Sakarya University for having chances to recognize the rich Turkish culture, social life and cuisine through academic and other types of activities.

In accordance with the objectives of the DETICE Project in which training students and prospective teachers with entrepreneurial spirit is aimed through developing their skills in creativity in education, educational and didactic approaches were utilized for the students who participated in the Project. In the program carried out through mainly the academic presentations and workshops, the professors from different countries shared their academic presentations including containing the main topic of the condensed program. In the workshops which were grouped according to the interest and expertise fields of the participants, some teaching methods such as group discussions, brainstorming and project-based activities were used.

The project coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman Titrek extended respect and thanks to notably SAU Rector Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas and everyone contributed in and supported the project. Prof. Titrek stated that both the comment of Danish Prof. Knud Erik Christensen on a picture taken as team after returning their country “Thanks to all participants in Detice for two wonderful weeks that has made a big impression on me… Amazing people, magnificent country and great experiences..” and the granted comment of Danish Prof. Henrik Marxen “ I totally agree. Wonderful people we met.” can be evaluated the result of the efficiency of the Detice Project. Organizing Turkish Art Music concert, Traditional Turkish Arts exhibition, sufi music and semazen show, school visits, cultural trips to İstanbul and İznik in the context of the project, Turkish culture was tried to introduce to the participants coming from EU member states.

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