Native Language of Turks in Europe

Native Language of Turks in Europe

“1st Workshop for Native Language of Turks in Europe” was organized by Sakarya University Educational Sciences Institute

The workshop of “Native Language of Turks in Europe” which was held for the first time, took place in SAU Institute Building. Numerous academicians from national and international field attended the workshop.

The workshop included four sessions and covered some issues such as; evaluations of Turks who are living abroad in terms of course materials, measurement and evaluation of language aptitude and the gaps in this issue, findings related to the qualifications of teachers who will work in bilingual environments, the country’s support for native language education and obstacles.

Session moderator of the first session was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Havva Yaman, Faculty Member of SAU at Turkish Education Department in Faculty of Education. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Akıncı from France Rouen University, Prof. Dr. Kutlay Yağmur from Netherland Tilburg University, Prof. Dr. Leyla Uzun from Germany Duisburg-Essen University, European Union and External Relations General Director in Ministry of Education Mustafa Çokyiğit, Turkish Islamic Union of German Religious Affairs Representative Rafet Öztürk, Vice Head of Yunus Emre Institute Dr. Şaban Çobanoğlu and Netherland Parent Associations Representative Hüseyin Yanmaz attended the first session.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Havva Yaman stated in opening remarks that they were glad to host the workshop. Yaman said that bilingualism was a big problem for all citizens living abroad.

Turks speaking just French

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Akıncı said “The term of ‘Semilingual’ is commonly used for Turkish children. The child learns only Turkish at home but when he goes to school, he sees that others use a language about which he has no idea. He does not understand, he cannot establish a dialogue and he feels loneliness. He cannot find a person to talk. Teachers suggest that parents should speak French with their child. However, parents do not know French at all, so how can they speak?” Akıncı stated that the grandchildren of Turks who came to France years ago were just speaking French.

Prof. Dr. Kutlay Yağmur said “It is not important to talk about the problems. We can discuss problems for months. However, what we need is to talk about the solutions.”

Bilingualism is not accepted in Turkey

Prof. Dr. Leyla Uzun stated that she was sorry to hear that their request for education in native language was refused at first but then she justified it. She explained the reason of refusal “We asked the reason why they said no. The explanation of them reminded us how we ignore the problems in our country. They said that your request for bilingualism is not acceptable while bilingualism is not approved in Turkey. I think they are right.” She added “I support bilingualism but I am against that bilingualism is used for politics.”

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